We are committed to delivering excellence

PDT specializes in top of the line drilling motors for directional work in vertical, horizontal and lateral applications.

PDT takes a better direction with our service quality and people building our equipment. We take pride in the strives we have taken to provide the best equipment for all drilling applications. We understand the need for having top notch performing equipment to provide the best efficiency.


PDT carries a full line of drilling mud motors for your well placement needs. We currently offer 4 3/4’’ to 8’’ mud lube motors. All of our motors are Hard rubber relined.


We have the ability to run a flex shaft in our straight hole motors in vertical applications, which results in a direct drive. This maximizes power and efficiency in our motors.

Stators / Rotors

PDT has the availability to run different power sections to handle the operators drilling applications. Our power sections range from fast speed low torque to medium speed medium torque to slow speed High torque.


All of our lower ends have the ability to be run as a true slick, or with a protector sleeves, or with other stabilization options. Our stabilizers can be changed to fit your hole size as needed.